Wig Rig

Documentation 2021 version

written by
Christoffer B. Wig

This design document is an exercise in web development and design, as well as a showcase of some of the choices I've made in my sonic journey so far.


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Unit knob settings



Loop switcher connections

The Musicom Lab EFX-LE switcher is the brain of the pedalboard, handling adding and removing pedals to the signal, channel switching and MIDI messages.

Loop switcher connections

SND VL is routed internally to ISO OUT, which goes to the Kraken input.


The pedalboard weighs around 8.5 kg in total, with the accompanying flight case weighing around 5.3 kg. Hover or tap the pedalboard to see underneath.


Patchbay connections

IN The signal goes from the guitar into the pedalboard via the Polytune 3.
A Green TS jack from pedalboard to amp input.
B Red TS jack from amp effects loop send to pedalboard.
C Blue TS jack from pedalboard (with ISO-OUT enabled) to amp effects loop return.
D Black TRS jack from switcher unit to amp footswitch Gain I/II and Master I/II.
USB Connected to Boss DD-500 for computer editing.
IEC IEC C14 power cable hooked up to Voodoo Lab 4X4.